Allister Bradley, Technical Director

Allister BradleyAllister Bradley is a singer/songwriter and record producer/engineer who has pushed himself to become a better songwriter with every passing year, and the results have shown in the quality of his songs and the response from radio and the industry.  A multiple award winner in regional, national and international songwriting contests, his dedication to his craft is readily apparent from the moment he steps onto the stage.

When it comes to songwriting, Allister pays close attention to how the elements of the song are pushing and pulling, to gauge how effectively the pieces are contributing to the whole, and to spot the places in which a piece is pushing in the wrong direction!  Self-described as “painfully hard on himself” when it comes to writing lyrics, just another way of saying that he won’t rest until the lyric is right.

Allister has been with SongStudio every year since its inception, but not in the role you might expect – for the first two years, he was a participant in the program, having released his first album, and eagerly pursued opportunities to further his songwriting skills.  In the third and fourth years of the program, Allister joined the staff as a volunteer and keyboard player in the house band, before being named Technical Director in 2009.

At SongStudio, Allister handles technical support, plays keyboards in the house band, and mentors the participating songwriters.

Allister enjoys a life in the recording studio as performer, engineer and producer, and proudly released his third studio album in 2011, an album recorded in three cities across two countries (THAT’s what I call cross-border shopping!).  He can often be found at local music clubs enjoying the music and spreading the word about SongStudio.

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