Keysha (also known as Keysha Freshh), born Keisha Raisa Fanfair is a female rapper from Canada.Born in Toronto June 28th 1993, Keysha is the youngest of 3. Her family moved to Ajax to seek a better upbringing. She started performing at age five when she fell in love with R. Kelly’s “I believe I Can Fly” which was the first song she learned to memorize and perform. She also performed the national anthem, “O Canada”, in English and French at cultural shows and banquets before entering the Durham “Talent Search” competition in 2006 where she finished in the Top Five. Keisha was one of the youngest members of the Toronto Children Concert Choir (TC3). She wrote and performed a rap song for the performing arts troupe end-of-season show when she was 11 that was a major hit.

In the last three years, Keysha has penned several songs for local artists in her age range, and her first first single hit major air waves in early 2010 called “Hollywood Fresh”[1] with a sample from “The show” originally by Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh. Following the success of Hollywood Fresh, a few months after she released the remix ft Mims.

Keysha is currently working on an album. She is also interested in pursuing acting, and disc jockey careers in her quest to become a well-rounded entertainer. She is currently working with rap and R&B artiste such as JB (GCP), The Rezza Brothers, Gunna, MIMS and of course Doug E. Fresh.


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