SongStudio in Toronto • July 22 – 28, 2017

*** Please read this entire page – it contains important information regarding SongStudio registration. ***

Registration Rates:

Super Earlybird Registration (for registrations received by March 31, 2017):  $799 + 13% HST

Earlybird Registration (for registrations received by June 15, 2017):  $879 + 13% HST

Regular Registration (for registrations received after June 15, 2017):  $949 + 13% HST

** NOTE: accommodations are NOT included in workshop tuition.   Also, participants must make their own arrangements for transportation, parking and meals (except Day 1 and Day 7: lunches provided)  **

Once We Receive Your Registration…

We will send you an email receipt which shows your fees paid.  This registration email is processed manually, by one of the wonderful humans in our organization, so please be patient – if you haven’t received a receipt within a few days of your registration, you may contact us using the information on our CONTACT page.

SAC/NSAI/Music Student Discount

A $50 discount is available to members in-good-standing of the following:

** This $50 discount is not applicable to the “Limited Advance” registration rate. **

To claim your discount, you must provide proof of membership/enrolment within 30 days of registering for SongStudio.

Important Dates:

December 31, 2016:  Last day to register at the Limited Advance discounted rate.
March 31, 2017:  Last day to register at the Super Earlybird discounted rate.
June 15, 2017:  Last day to register at the Earlybird discounted rate.

As of June 1, 2017, all deposits are non-refundable.  Refunds up to that date are subject to an administration charge.

The balance of registration costs are due by June 15, 2017.  Failure to pay by this date may result in the forfeiture of your registration.

FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings)

FACTOR offers a Songwriter’s Workshop & Seminar Program which may cover a significant portion of your SongStudio costs.

Registrants should be aware that there is limited funding assistance available through FACTORFACTOR is not in any way affiliated with SongStudio – please direct your questions to the staff at FACTOR.  However, many SongStudio participants have benefited from FACTOR’s programs in the past, and there is no cost to apply for this funding.  Read very carefully the details of the program to ensure you properly apply for this program.


PARENTS: Please note that SongStudio is not a summer youth camp. We welcome youthful participants, with this proviso: there are no special measures in place to ensure the safety of your teenager. It is up to you and the participant to determine if they are mature enough to take part in our activities and to take care of themselves. SongStudio will not be responsible for the safety or well-being of any of its participants, regardless of age.


Once again, accommodations are NOT included in your workshop registration.  For residence information and registration, visit our residence FAQ page:  Residence FAQ


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