SongStudio 2015 – It’s a Wrap!

Group Photo 2015

Another workshop in the books!  Every year, we start the week with a handful of fresh faces and a handful of familiar returning participants, and we never quite know what to expect.  Without exception, though, we find ourselves thrilled to discover fantastic new talent and wonderful people, and every year we find ourselves saying “THIS is the best year of our workshop, yet!”

This year, we welcomed songwriters from age 12 to 84 – guitar players, piano players, poets, rockers, folkies, jazz-ers, shredders, and everything in between.  We watched them join together to write new songs, and we were there as they overcame anxiety and fear to share their creations with our mentors and with their fellow writers.

We filled different clubs in Toronto for our open mic nights, hearing new songs debuted and witnessing songs being refined with input from our professional writers.  We saw writers coming together regardless of differences in age, gender, background, and even genre, to share their experiences and expand their songwriter toolkit.  We stayed up late (too late) each night with live jams in the lounge at Ryerson University (ONE RULE – NO COVER SONGS!!), and made it back to the Royal Conservatory of Music each morning in time for group workshopping with the pro’s.

We ended the week with an incredible showcase of original songs at Hugh’s Room, with a rockin’ house band featuring the one-and-only Rik Emmett, and many tearful goodbye’s after our farewell awards luncheon on Friday.

It always seems to end so quickly.  Too quickly.  Because without fail, this week proves to be a high point in the year for our faculty, and hopefully for our students as well.

I didn’t know what to say at our farewell luncheon, but now with three days’ worth of sleep behind me, I can gather my thoughts and express just how rewarding it is to be part of the team presenting SongStudio each year.  This past week, I saw revelations spark in the eyes of our writers, I saw new friendships come to life, I witnessed a wealth of talent shared and nurtured, and I have a renewed faith that our songwriters will continue to be inspired and fulfilled by the music they create and release into the world.  I believe that to be true because of how inspired I find myself, just spending such a brief but fantastic week in your company.

On behalf of the SongStudio team, I want to wish you the best with your songwriting, and hope to see you again very soon!


Allister Bradley, Technical Director

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