The League Of Rock


You can join a hockey league, a bowling league, a baseball league, you can even join a knitting league. But until now, you couldn’t join a music league.

The League was founded by Terry Moshenberg and Topher Stott in 2006, because they wanted to give the thousands of 30 to 60 year old musicians who have careers and families a chance to enjoy playing and jamming with other like-minded musicians without having to give up their careers and go on the road to be a rock star.

The League has three primary aspects:

1. JAM Sessions

Members Join A Band for ten weeks to meet other adult musicians, workshop with pros, jam in great spaces, and record in world class studios.

2. Full Day Intensive Work Shops

Members enjoy front of the line access to full day hands-on workshops with professionals

3. Rewards + Incentive Events

League Of Rock produces music-based team building and corporate retreat events for companies and other organizations where staff get to write, record and perform with famous and professional musicians.

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