What is SongStudio All About?

SongStudio is an event whose focus is on helping songwriters of all abilities expand both their songwriting craft and their community of like-minded songwriters.

Our goal is simple – to help you become a better songwriter by discussing your songs and by helping you experience the songwriting of other songwriters, from varying backgrounds, writing in various genres.

We pursue this goal by offering a combination of:

  • small-group, guided workshops which examine our participants’ songs with respect to song structure, lyrical content, melodic and harmonic movement, emotional delivery, commercial appeal, etc. (have a peek at our past faculty to see the quality of our workshop leaders)
  • large-group gatherings to enjoy interviews and performances by successful music industry personalities, many of them celebrities in Canadian music (have a peek at our past special guests)
  • educational activities dedicated to offering new songwriting tools and new creative ideas for approaching songwriting
  • formal opportunities to co-write with other participants in the program
  • opportunities to perform your songs to a live audience, including songwriters, music professionals and the general public

We have enjoyed years of exciting workshops with a growing community of terrific participants, faculty and guests, and we hope you will consider joining the SongStudio community!

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