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Join Us for Our 17th Annual SongStudio Workshop
July 17-23, 2021 | ONLINE

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Our Values

At SongStudio, we are committed to equity in all our pursuits.

We invite and encourage all songwriters, including members of Black and other racialized communities, 2SLGBTQ+ identified persons, persons with disabilities, and First Nations, Inuit and Métis individuals, to consider allowing us to help with your artistic journey in songwriting.

Now, more than ever before, we seek to staff our events with experienced, talented, creative mentors who represent a diversity of communities, with a concerted effort to offering greater representation and greater opportunity for communities who have historically been marginalized within our music and education industries.

We do not draw boundaries with respect to musical genres. We see music as a means for communication and community, and we hope to expand your abilities to communicate with your audience through your music.

It is our aim to provide a safe space in which to share your creative energies, pursue your artistic passion and grow your collaborative community.

Workshop Registration is Open!

Workshop Registration is Open!

The time to register for SongStudio 2021 is right now!

Mentors are being added regularly, and special pricing is offered for signing up early!

Discounted pricing for members of Songwriters Association of Canada, and for alumni of past SongStudio events.

Click below for all information about the workshop, and be sure to join us in July!

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SongStudio Launches New "SongBIZ" Series

Join us for one-day examinations of the Business of Songwriting, spread throughout the year.  Our first SongBIZ was a big hit in April, when we focused on “How Songwriters Get Paid”.  Stay tuned for additional SongBIZ events coming soon!

SongStudio Launches New "SongBIZ" Series
SongStudio Deep Dive into Writing

SongStudio Deep Dive into Writing

Spend your weekend on a songwriting mission with us.  In Nov. 2020 we hosted a weekend on co-writing, with special guest Barbra Lica, and in Feb. 2021 we wrote for an artist, with special guest Suzie Vinnick.

Stay tuned for future Deep Dive weekends, in which we will host intensive songwriting experiences.

Here's What Our Writers Say...

  • Song studio is such an amazing place to be whether you are just starting out, already established or somewhere in between. The experiences and insights shared and the community you build will leave a lasting and positive impact on you as a songwriter and as a person. I recommend it to all musicians, songwriters, artists, producers or just people who are simply real fans of music as a vibrant and exciting week where you can give inspiration to others and get inspired yourself!

    Stewart McKie
  • I enjoyed every minute

    Bonnie Ryan
  • A family environment where even a new songwriter can learn and have an incredible time. A must do if you’re a songwriter.

    Vince Campbell
  • I can’t think of a more enriching productive week for a songwriter – the community is super supportive – and the sessions and workshops with professionals gave me an opportunity to level up my songwriting, and to see new avenues for my songs I hadn’t even dreamed of yet! I’ll definitely be back for another round of SongStudio!

    Lisa Costa
  • For me, SongStudio has been a life changing experience.

    Brian Volke
  • Become the songwriter you always dreamed you could be

    Ingrid MacDonald
  • SongStudio rocks, pops, and hip-hops. (And the folk ain’t bad either.)

    Michel Neray
  • SongStudio ….. an amazing experience for novice & experienced songwriters, to learn & improve the craft of songwriting. Additionally, well-informed industry professionals provide supportive feedback and guidance on how to share your songs with the world.

    Eric Kristensen
  • If you want a unique chance to workhop your songs with established professional songwriters, and be part of a songwriting community that continues to grow and stays connected year round, come to SongStudio. You will get practical tips and feedback from industry pros and songwriters that will help you improve and enhance your songwriting skills. It’s intense, it’s fun, it’s a not to be missed week-long event that I look forward to every year!

    Joanne Ingrassia
  • There’s a place for everyone at SongStudio. It’s pure magic.

    Sarah Pearson
  • It is amazing how the SongStudio workshop continues to be able to adapt year after year to strike the balance between making the necessary changes to stay fresh, while at the same time delivering the overall experience we’ve come to expect.

    Matt Gerber
  • SongStudio is a great way to energize and enrich your songwriting. While it can be a little like drinking from the firehose, you will not find a more supportive place to learn and grow in your craft. 5 stars, highly recommend!

    Evelyn Saungikar
  • I was unsure of myself as a songwriter coming in (first year), and SongStudio gave me the confidence to really think of myself as a songwriter. My music will be better going forward, and I’ll have a lot more confidence in my material. I’ll definitely be back!

    Colleen McTigue
  • SongStudio is an extraordinary opportunity for songwriters of all levels to learn and grow with a supportive community, and highly skilled staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone – from beginner to pro.

    Jamie Hofman
  • I’d love to thank SongStudio for changing my life and making my summer. I was stuck in a rut before SongStudio and was scared that I was losing my touch when it came to writing. My confidence has been boosted as well as my productivity. I feel so much more capable. Thank you so much!

    Tiffany Luvv

Working Together For Your Songs

SongStudio’s format is designed to help you develop strategies and tools to turn your ideas into real, finished songs that speak to your audience, regardless of your level of experience.

How It Works
Working Together For Your Songs

Learn From the Pros


A Growing Faculty of Professional Songwriters

We have an ever-changing faculty of well-known and up-and-coming songwriters, music producers, publishers and other industry types.  Our mentors are passionate about sharing what they’ve learned and what they continue to learn about writing songs and getting them heard.

2020 MentorsPast Mentors List

Video: SongStudio - An Adventure in Songwriting

Try Co-Writing


Two heads are better than one!

Use your talents together with a co-writer to write songs that neither of you could write alone.

Co-Writing at SongStudio

A Community of Songwriters

Something special happens at our workshops. Call it networking, but we prefer to think of it as making friends. So many friendships made at past workshops are for life.

Too often, songwriting is a solitary art. When the experience can be shared, a community builds. This is a beautiful thing.

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A Community of Songwriters

So Many Chances to Grow


Write Together, Share Your Songs, Meet New Friends

We bring together songwriters from near and far, give you a place to confidently share your ideas, and grow your network of collaborators and new friends.

Performing at SongStudio

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