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Be a part of our 20th year of Workshopping!

Be a part of our 20th year of Workshopping!

For 20 years running, we’ve been working on your songs with our professional mentors, in a safe, friendly, awesome environment for learning how to write your best songs.

JOIN US this July 15-19 in Toronto as we do it again!

write new songs
peek inside hit songs to see how they work
workshop your songs directly with professional mentors
perform your songs
meet new songwriters
pitch to industry insiders
love every minute of it

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What our writers say about SongStudio...

  • “SongStudio filled me with inspiration and provided me with amazing networking opportunities. Being around so many passionate individuals and mentors gave me such a boost and I have never been so inspired in my whole life. Blair and Allister are excellent hosts and the workshop went very smoothly over Zoom. Do it.”

    Aaron (John) Brown
  • “This is the best way you can spend time on Zoom! Do it now!”

    Jackie Kroczynski
  • “I would highly recommend SongStudio to help songwriters develop their craft and be part of a larger community of songwriters, with a chance to work with mentors that you admire, and to perform your songs and edit them! It’s a rare and wonderful experience!”

    Joanna Butler
  • “SongStudio is such an amazing place to be whether you are just starting out, already established or somewhere in between. The experiences and insights shared and the community you build will leave a lasting and positive impact on you as a songwriter and as a person. I recommend it to all musicians, songwriters, artists, producers or just people who are simply real fans of music as a vibrant and exciting week where you can give inspiration to others and get inspired yourself!”

    Stewart McKie
  • “I enjoyed every minute!”

    Bonnie Ryan
  • “A family environment where even a new songwriter can learn and have an incredible time. A must-do if you’re a songwriter.”

    Vince Campbell
  • “I can’t think of a more enriching productive week for a songwriter – the community is super supportive – and the sessions and workshops with professionals gave me an opportunity to level up my songwriting, and to see new avenues for my songs I hadn’t even dreamed of yet! I’ll definitely be back for another round of SongStudio!”

    Lisa Costa
  • “For me, SongStudio has been a life-changing experience. This was my seventh SongStudio. Every time time I go I learn something new. When each one finishes, I can’t wait for the next one to start.”

    Brian Volke
  • “Become the songwriter you always dreamed you could be. If you are looking for a super intense learning experience where you can discover your strengths as a songwriter, then SongStudio is where you want to be.”

    Ingrid MacDonald
  • “SongStudio rocks, pops, and hip-hops. (And the folk ain’t bad either.) SongStudio is like a hike in the most enchanting forest, with the wind in the trees whispering lyrics and melodies along the way.”

    Michel Neray
  • “An amazing experience for novice & experienced songwriters, to learn & improve the craft of songwriting. Well-informed industry professionals provide supportive feedback and guidance on how to share your songs with the world.”

    Eric Kristensen
  • “If you want a unique chance to workshop your songs with established professional songwriters, and be part of a songwriting community that continues to grow and stays connected year round, come to SongStudio. You will get practical tips and feedback from industry pros and songwriters that will help you improve and enhance your songwriting skills. It’s intense, it’s fun, it’s a not to be missed week-long event that I look forward to every year!”

    Joanne Ingrassia
  • “There’s a place for everyone at SongStudio. It’s pure magic.”

    Sarah Pearson
  • “It is amazing how the SongStudio workshop continues to be able to adapt year after year to strike the balance between making the necessary changes to stay fresh, while at the same time delivering the overall experience we’ve come to expect.”

    Matt Gerber
  • “SongStudio is a great way to energize and enrich your songwriting. While it can be a little like drinking from the firehose, you will not find a more supportive place to learn and grow in your craft. 5 stars, highly recommend!”

    Evelyn Saungikar
  • “I was unsure of myself as a songwriter coming in (first year), and SongStudio gave me the confidence to really think of myself as a songwriter. My music will be better going forward, and I’ll have a lot more confidence in my material. I’ll definitely be back!”

    Colleen McTigue
  • “SongStudio is an extraordinary opportunity for songwriters of all levels to learn and grow with a supportive community, and highly skilled staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone – from beginner to pro.”

    Jamie Hofman
  • “I’d love to thank SongStudio for changing my life and making my summer. I was stuck in a rut before SongStudio and was scared that I was losing my touch when it came to writing. My confidence has been boosted as well as my productivity. I feel so much more capable. Thank you so much!”

    Tiffany Luvv

What's Going On in 2024?

Welcome to a new year!

APR 30:  Earlybird Deadline for Workshop registration

See the notice below for our upcoming free Song Call.  We’d love to see you there!

This July will mark 20 straight years of SongStudio workshops.  Join us!

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What's Going On in 2024?
Answer The Call!

Answer The Call!

We’re back with another Song Call!  This is a challenge to all songwriters.  Write to our suggested topic and join us on May 26th to share your song and celebrate all the new songs written.

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SongStudio, eh? Who Are We?

First off, we are songwriters ourselves.  We’ve written, performed and released our own songs, and we’ve helped countless songwriters do the same.  We’ve played on small and large stages, all over, and love what we do.  Our massive team of guest mentors have written some of your favourite songs.

Second, we love teaching songwriting and celebrating your songs.  We have developed an ability to pinpoint the parts of a song that take us on an emotional ride and the parts that leave us wanting more, and we can help you make changes to your songs that will make a difference.

We are not starmakers.  We will never promise to teach you the “secrets of hit songwriting”.  A song becomes a hit through so many factors beyond the songwriting – sometimes in spite of the songwriting – and anyone who offers to teach you “hit” songwriting is selling you a dream.  Beware the dream merchants.

We are here to help you write your best songs, your most authentic songs, songs that will move your audience and share your truth.

We’ve been doing this since 2005, and since then the name SongStudio has also come to mean our growing community of songwriters who have trusted us with their songs, who have become friends and written songs together, and who continue to come back to our workshops again and again.

Meet Our Team

Our Events

Whether you're ready for an intensive week-long workshop, a weekend session or a one-day event; whether you're looking to work on the craft of songwriting or the business side, we are constantly programming to fit your needs.

Click below to learn more about our various events for songwriters.

Our Values

At SongStudio, we are committed to equity in all our pursuits. We invite and encourage all songwriters, including members of Black and other racialized communities, 2SLGBTQ+ identified persons, persons with disabilities, and First Nations, Inuit and Metis individuals to consider allowing us to help with your artistic journey in songwriting.

Now, more than ever, we seek to staff our events with experienced, talented, creative mentors who represent a diversity of communities, with a concerted effort to offering greater representation and greater opportunity for communities who have historically been marginalized within our Music and Education industries.

We do not draw boundaries with respect to musical genres; we see music as a means for communication and community, and we hope to expand your abilities to communicate with your audience through your music.

It is our aim to provide a safe space in which to share your creative energies, pursue your artistic passion, and grow your collaborative community.

Thank you to our Sponsors

Thank you to our Sponsors

We could not do what we do without the generous support of our sponsors.  Our 2023 sponsors include:

Gold Music Consultants

Slaight Music

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

Cross Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

Centennial College