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Co-Writing at SongStudio

Co-Writing at SongStudio

There’s a good reason for so many professional songs to be co-written these days – two heads are better than one. Sure, it can be surprising when we see twelve songwriters listed on one song, but the principle still applies. When we combine the talents of multiple songwriters, we can achieve greater results than we can when we write alone.

However, co-writing takes some getting used to, and it takes some practice. To that end, we run a co-writing exercise throughout the week of SongStudio. It can be challenging to squeeze in the time for co-writing (we already keep you pretty busy), but we’d argue, that’s a lot like our day-to-day routine already.

We will pair you with another songwriter and help you get started on a new song. We’ll help you start off on the right foot, with suggestions about how to approach a co-writing relationship, and we’ll offer assistance throughout the week in case you get stuck.

Near the end of the workshop week, we reserve time for performances of newly-written songs, so that you can show off what you’ve completed through the exercise.