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How SongStudio Works

How SongStudio Works

So, you say you’re ready to write better songs? Fantastic! That fits perfectly into our mission of helping songwriters write the best songs of their lives.

Allister Bradley, SongStudio Technical Director

SongStudio began as a week-long summer songwriting program, designed by our directors Rik Emmett and Blair Packham, and offered at Humber College in Toronto. After four years at Humber College, we turned the program into an independent workshop, and we’re currently offering it from within the beautiful music-making environment of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

The program is still a week-long songwriting program, and our mission has never been more clear – to help songwriters of all abilities expand both their songwriting craft and their community of like-minded songwriters.

A Busy Week of Songwriter Development

Our aim is to help you become a better songwriter by discussing your songs and by helping you experience the songwriting of other songwriters, from varying backgrounds, writing in various genres.

We pursue this goal by offering a combination of:

  • small-group, guided workshops which examine your songs with respect to song structure, lyrical content, melodic and harmonic movement, emotional delivery, commercial appeal, etc. (have a peek at our past mentors to see the quality of our workshop leaders)
  • large-group gatherings to enjoy interviews and performances by successful music industry personalities, many of them celebrities in Canadian music
  • educational activities dedicated to offering new songwriting tools and new creative ideas for approaching songwriting
  • opportunities to co-write with other participants in the program
  • opportunities to perform your songs to a live audience, including songwriters, music professionals and the general public

We have enjoyed years of exciting workshops with a growing community of terrific participants, faculty and guests, and we hope you will consider joining the SongStudio community!

Professional Songwriters Working Your Songs

There are countless ways to rewrite a song, and it can be extremely difficult to decide whether you’re making an improvement or making things worse. That’s where our mentors come into the picture. Bring your songs to SongStudio, and you’ll have an opportunity to look into them, in person, with experienced professional songwriters who have a deep understanding of how to reach your audience and tell your story. Learn from their successes and failures, and apply their suggestions directly to your own songwriting.

Building Your Community

Add to that, an introduction into a friendly, creative community of other songwriters who are looking for the same boost to their songwriting skills, and you’ll hit the ground running with new ideas for rewriting your existing songs and creating new ones. We’ll have you writing together, performing together, and forging new friendships that will support your songwriting efforts going forward.

This combination of education and motivation has built a strong, growing family of songwriters, many who come back to SongStudio year after year, because they know that they’ve just written the best songs of their lives, and that the next ones will be even better!