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Julian Taylor


Toronto-based singer/songwriter Julian Taylor’s extensive experience as bandleader, band-member, and solo artist has all prepared him for how to best zero in on his prime directive as a songwriter. He’s been a fixture on the Toronto music scene since his 1994 stage debut at the El Mocambo, through his years forming bands including “The Midnight Blooze” and “Staggered Crossing”, forging relationships with TMP (The Music Publisher), Warner Music Canada, Bent Penny Records, Aporia Records, and Gypsy Soul Records, and releasing two EP’s, eight studio albums and two live albums.

“I’ve been able to carve out my own niche as a musician because I feel like I can do want I want to,” says Taylor. “I’ve been able to go back to the drawing board as I keep experiencing failure after failure and see how I’ve grown and learned from those failings. And I’m ok with that. I’m here because of the people who love and support me, my belief in myself, and the ability to get up every time I haven’t succeeded to keep on trying. I feel so fortunate to have created the music that’s on The Ridge (Taylor’s 2020 release). I’m really proud of it.” 

Taylor notes that connecting deeply with his subject matter is often something that happens well before stepping foot in the studio. “Thinking before doing is critical. A massive percentage of creativity is thinking about that vision you have in your head,” he reiterates. “Sometimes it just flows right out of you, but the majority of the time is just thinking about it — what is it that you’re trying to pull out of the air? How will the message of these words be properly conveyed to the listener? That’s another reason why my voice is more upfront and center in the mix than on some of my previous records. For me, it’s the source I’m always trying to access — that wavelength of creativity that I’ve been able to fine-tune over the years.”


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