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Bryan Potvin

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Bryan Potvin

“Ultimately, I want to communicate with the listener. I want people to understand the feelings I was experiencing, not only when I and several of my good friends wrote these songs but also when I was recording them. Without sounding too melodramatic, there were some very emotional moments for me, singing some of these tunes in the studio….a bit surprising but quite inspiring. I knew then that I was on to something.”

It’s been a long and varied trip for Bryan Potvin. As a member of the acclaimed Canadian band The Northern Pikes, he wrote and performed such hits as Dream Away, Hopes Go Astray, Believe, and his iconic pop/rock masterpiece, She Ain’t Pretty. The band’s music left an indelible impression on Canadian pop music culture.

The Pikes resume is comprehensive and impressive: many years of touring Canada, The U.S.A. and Japan; numerous gold and platinum awards; 8 Juno nominations; 2012 WCMA Hall of Fame inductees, among numerous other recognitions.

As a composer, Bryan has toured outposts from Malaysia to Madagascar, from Sri Lanka to South Africa recording music for the Discovery Channel series “Beyond Survival.” As a musician, he stepped away from recording his own work, only to discover that singing and songwriting are integral to who he is.

The return to his own artistic voice is reflected in his new album, Heartbledwhite, considered by those intimate with Bryan’s work as his finest to date. Ian Auger and Ian Smith co-produced and engineered the recording.

Heartbledwhite is an exploration of rebirth through death – the death of relationships, of habits, of thought processes and of how we see ourselves in the world around us. It’s about reclaiming the soul. It’s about finding and holding onto self-love.

“Like most people around my age, life has lead me through some hurt and disappointment and confusion. In the eye of those storms, it can be unbearable. Yet I’m always amazed that when time passes and the healing begins, I not only feel stronger than before, but somehow thankful for the pain I went through. I guess there is no light without darkness…”

From the cheeky pseudo-funk of “It Don’t Bother Me” to the rousing tempo of “Standing By You;” from the soul-ache of “River of Hope,” to the rootsy sweetness of “Hide Away” and the spine-tingling message of “You Are Not Alone,” Bryan brings us along for a deeply personal ride. Sometimes cynical, sometimes tender, always deeply melodic and vulnerable, his work reflects the man he’s become, the darkness he’s seen, and his sweetest hopes for tomorrow.