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David Leask

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David Leask

Long before American Idol brought the excitement of talent competitions into our living rooms, Leask and his band won the BBC-televised National Rock School Competition in his native Scotland and his musical die was cast. Twenty years later, Leask’s polished, yet rootsy, charm-filled performances garnered him the Mississauga Performing Artist of the Year Award.  A songwriter’s songwriter, Leask has also gathered numerous honours for his songwriting, most recently in the USA Songwriting Competition. Songwriters Magazine called Leask, “the most consistent Canadian songwriting competition winner.

Leask takes his innate ability to connect with an audience into the classroom as well, teaching songwriting in schools as a mentor for the School Alliance of Student Songwriters as well as the Songwriters’ Association of Canada. David notes, “It’s refreshing and inspiring for me to go into the classroom and experience the exchange of creativity and the unjaded imagination of the kids while I’m teaching.”

With “Underneath” (2013), Leask has taken his influences from both sides of the Atlantic and forged an album of meticulously-crafted, vigorously road-tested songs.  The result is an exhilarating, genre-surfing journey that traverses rhythm and bluegrass, country and soul, roots and rock. David adds, “More than any previous record, people can get a deeper sense of who and where I am. In a sense, they can meet me in the music.”