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Liam Russell

At 30, Liam Russell has been writing and performing for more than half his life. His childhood was spent backstage at folk festivals with his dad (singer-songwriter Brent Titcomb) where he was deeply influenced by the commitment to craftsmanship and the dedicated way his father’s generation lived and breathed their art.

Liam signed to a major label at age 15, touring and performing steadily thereafter. After a decade on the road honing his live skills and trying to satisfy the competing demands of a label, management, and fans, he realized he was in danger of losing sight of the reason he had chosen to be a musician in the first place. In need of a change, he moved to Nashville to focus on writing for others. As time went on though, the desire to make another recording of his own slowly asserted itself.

Five years later the result is No Contest, an EP where for the first time Liam didn’t work with the “right” writers, producers or team. No Contest is a collection of simple, heartfelt songs about people and ideas that inspired him to break free of his own expectations. To mark this new chapter and in honor of his grandfather, Mel Russell who passed away in 2016, he changed his last name to Russell.

The self-produced EP was recorded live off the floor at a cottage in the Ontario winter wilderness with 5 of his best friends and musical collaborators. Their only obligation was to do what felt right in the moment, and the result is an honest batch of songs drawn from real-life events. No Contest reveals itself through stories of loss, reconnection to one’s spirit, love in long term-relationships and the inspiration of the #MeToo movement.

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