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Mia Sheard

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Mia Sheard

Over the course of three albums, Toronto’s Mia Sheard has seared herself into the consciousness of the Canadian music scene. She has been favourably compared to Mary Margaret O’Hara and Jane Siberry. The lyrics that defined her sophomore album Reptilian were provocative, insightful and witty – the words of a poet (Globe and Mail).

Anemone is Mia’s latest CD, recorded during February and March 2002 at Toronto’s Chemical Sound, with co-producer Howard Redekopp (54.40). For this record, Mia brought her working band into the studio – and the results are evident with a more live-off-the-floor sound.

“This album sounds like a band” says Sheard. “Having played with Chris, Dan and Ryan now for two years, I’ve had a chance to hear my songs develop over time. We arranged the songs as a group, and let them morph naturally. Like growing old, they change subtly over time, but you don’t see the lines that have developed unless you step away for a while.”