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Murray McLauchlan

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Murray McLauchlan

Thirty odd years after his first foray into music, Murray has eighteen albums to his credit on both True North Records and Capitol Records. His songs have been covered by many other artists as well as being featured in high school text books. He has played, both solo, and with bands in every major hall in Canada, from Massey Hall in Toronto, to the Orpheum in Vancouver and all the Jubilees in between.

Murray’s 2017 release “Love Can’t Tell Time” on True North Records is the result of learning a whole new language on the guitar while living in Italy. It is a labour of love with brilliant string arrangements by Drew Jurecka. As Murray says “While the world gets noisier, I just keep getting quieter.”

He is happily married to Denise Donlon and they have a son so Murray continues with what he thinks is his most important job: being a dad.