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Shelly Peiken

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Shelly Peiken

Two-time Grammy winning songwriter Shelly Peiken has been a prolific, behind-the-scenes force in the music business for more than two decades. Her songs have sold in excess of 50 million records. She is best known for penning culturally resonant, female-empowerment anthems such as Christina Aguilera’s No. 1 hit, “What a Girl Wants” and Meredith Brooks’ smash, “Bitch.”

Shelly’s experiences, accomplishments and the circles in which she has traveled give her a unique perspective on the music business: that of a professional woman who fought her way into a highly competitive industry, found a way to succeed, balanced a thriving career and a family, and who has witnessed firsthand the changes that have turned that industry upside down. All the while, Shelly has stayed true to her first true love: the often elusive but always immensely satisfying act of writing a great song.

Shelly’s book, Confessions Of A Serial Songwriter is a humorous pop culture memoir about her journey: from young girl falling under the spell of magical songs to working professional, writing hits of her own. It’s about growing up, the creative process, the highs and the lows, the conflicts that arise between motherhood and career success, the divas, the celebrity egos and schemers but, most of all, the remarkable people she’s found along the way.

Shelly has been back in the recording studio preparing an album of her songs for release in August 2020!  We recommend that you subscribe to her blog at!