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Steven Page


Steven Page

The former Barenaked Ladies frontman, now years into a highly successful solo career, continues to re-invent himself and his art.

As writer or co-writer of international hits such as ‘One Week’ (#1 Billboard, 1998), ‘Pinch Me’, ‘It’s All Been’ Done’, ‘Jane’, ‘Brian Wilson’ and the iconic Canadian classic ‘If I Had $1,000,000’, Page was recently inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame with his former band, the Barenaked Ladies. He has always been a prolific writer of words and hooks, but on his recent releases they’re delivered with such a clear-eyed confidence and purposeful vision that somehow it feels like an evolution, a breakthrough and a homecoming all at once. Page deploys existential heft, dystopian visions, savage humor and a killer horn section like a many-headed hydra with sights trained squarely on himself – and by extension the question of what it means to be an artist at all in a time like this. 

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