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Suzie Vinnick


Suzie Vinnick

A Saskatoon native living in Toronto, Suzie Vinnick is the owner of a gorgeous, powerful voice and award-level bass and guitar chops, and performs with a sweet mixture of engaging candidness and unparalleled musicianship.

A key figure in blues circles wherever she goes, from Saskatoon to Ottawa to Toronto, Suzie has received ten Maple Blues Awards, and has been internationally recognized for her songwriting. Her music has been featured in television shows, films, and commercials, most notably as the voice of Tim Horton’s commercials.

Suzie has been featured nationally on CBC Radio and has performed across Canada and the US, and for Canadian Peacekeepers in Bosnia and the Persian Gulf. She performs powerfully as a solo act or with her tasteful side players, as a duo and band with Rick Fines, and is also a member of the groups the Marigolds (with Gwen Swick and Caitlin Hanford of Quartette), Betty & the Bobs, and the folk-pop trio, Vinnick Sheppard Harte (VSH).

She has been active for years as a songwriting mentor, at SongStudio workshops and other industry events.

Most recently, at SongStudio 2020, Suzie was one of our performing artists who interpreted songs written by our participants for our end-of-week showcase.

Listen as Suzie Vinnick and Blair Packham discuss co-writing (SongStudio 2010).