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Performing At SongStudio

Performing At SongStudio

While not all songwriters are regular musical performers, there is no better way to try out new songs than to perform them for a live audience. At SongStudio, we offer daily opportunities for our participants to share their songs with our mentors and with one another.

Live Music Every Night

Every night at SongStudio we have live music opportunities. On opening night, the stage is reserved for our mentors, while the participants sit back and enjoy songs and stories from the songwriters with whom they’ll be workshopping throughout the week. Not only is this a terrific musical event, but it’s a valuable opportunity for participants to get to know our mentors a little better, which helps our participants choose a workshop mentor for morning sessions.

Open Mic Nights

On four consecutive nights of the workshop week (days 2 through 5), we take over a music club in Toronto and present an “open mic night”, inviting our participants to get up and perform something they’ve finished or something they’re still working on. Performance spots are exclusive to our participants, who are playing for their peers and perhaps a mentor or two, so you could not ask for a more supportive crowd on which to try out new material. It’s a great opportunity to try out the suggestions you may have received during a morning workshop. This really is the friendliest open stage in town!

Showcase Night

On the final night of our workshop (day 6), we present a showcase concert at a premier live music club, complete with a professional backing band who will accompany you on your song. Selected participants will be featured throughout the night, and this event is open to the public, so bring your friends and family!

After Hours

Every night of the workshop, after the official events are done, a group of participants keep things going by gathering in the lounge at Ryerson University residence for an informal jam. There is only one rule – all original songs – as the songwriters take turns sharing songs in a warm, welcoming environment. Even those participants who have not booked accommodations at Ryerson University are invited to come along and share.