How will the online SongStudio workshop in 2020 compare with your in-person workshop?


How will the online SongStudio workshop in 2020 compare…

We will definitely miss seeing you in-person at SongStudio; no online meeting can take the place of that. That said, our online version of SongStudio 2020 will aim to deliver all the great content of an in-person SongStudio workshop, modified to work within an online meeting setting:

  • Much of what we do can easily be offered in an online meeting – our mentor interviews, our instructional sessions, working together on your songs, co-writing, and meeting new people who share your passion for songwriting.
  • One huge benefit of offering SongStudio online is that we now have the opportunity to engage mentors and participants who otherwise could not be in Toronto in July 2020.
  • Some content doesn’t convert well from in-person to online, like our Open Mic nights and our Showcase concert. We are creating new, exciting sessions to take their place!
  • With our participants staying at home for SongStudio, we want to accommodate, as much as possible, our participants and our mentors who live in different time zones. We are modifying our schedule to offer our prime content – workshopping your songs with our professional mentors – at a time-of-day most agreeable to participants and mentors who live far away from our base in Toronto.

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