What do I need to bring to SongStudio? | SongStudio Songwriting Workshop

What do I need to bring to SongStudio?


What do I need to bring to SongStudio?

You don’t need to bring anything more than an open mind to enjoy SongStudio, but returning SongStudio participants suggest that you will get the most out of the opportunity if you bring one or more songs that you have started but haven’t finished, or songs that you think could use some help.

Here’s a quick list of tools you should consider bringing with you:

  • PRINTED COPIES OF YOUR LYRICS – this is quite important, because without them, our faculty will be less able to offer you great ideas for your songs.  Bring enough copies (8-10) to allow others in your workshop group to read along while listening to your song.
  • YOUR INSTRUMENT(s) – all workshop rooms and performance spaces will have a keyboard or piano provided, but if you play a different instrument (guitar, ukelele, etc.) you should bring your own.  Piano players may decide to bring a portable piano to use in their hotel/residence rooms at night.
  • YOUR HAND-HELD RECORDER – what songwriter doesn’t have a device – smartphone, recorder, etc. – with which to capture ideas and perhaps even record the conversation during your song workshop?
  • RECORDING OF YOUR SONG – if you are not prepared to perform your song live, you can bring a recording, either on CD or on a player with headphone jack (phone, iPod, etc.), which we can connect to our listening systems.  This is less flexible than performing your song live, if you are able to perform, since you may want to try changes to your song.  Keep in mind that our focus at SongStudio is about the songwriting, not the production.  A simple recording can be sufficient to communicate your song to an audience.
  • YOUR SONGWRITING TOOLS – whether you use a notepad and a rhyming dictionary, or your laptop/tablet, bring whatever you would need to write and re-write your songs while you are with us at SongStudio.