What Financial Assistance is Available for SongStudio Participants?


What Financial Assistance is Available for SongStudio Participants?

It would be impossible to maintain a current list of all sources of grant, loan, and bursary programs available to SongStudio participants, but we can mention a few and encourage you to research funding bodies applicable to you.

FACTOR:  FACTOR (the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings) is a body whose sole purpose is to fund various ventures by Canadian artists and songwriters.  They have a long list of programs supporting budgets for recording, touring, marketing, etc., but most useful to songwriters is their Songwriter’s Workshop Support program.  See our related post for the details on this program.

SOCAN Foundation: Earning members of SOCAN may be eligible to receive funding under the SOCAN Foundation’s Professional Development Assistance Program. See the SOCAN Foundation website for more details.

SongStudio Scholarships:  We are thrilled to have the support of several alumni who have made a financial donation to support new participants at SongStudio.  Stay tuned for news of upcoming scholarship programs.

Beyond these two programs, we encourage you to research:

  • regional/provincial/federal arts council programs applicable to you
  • music industry funding programs
  • sponsorship from a local broadcaster
  • sponsorship from a local business – music retailer, etc.
  • sponsorship from one or more patrons of the arts