Please explain FACTOR support for songwriters attending SongStudio | SongStudio Songwriting Workshop

Please explain FACTOR support for songwriters attending SongStudio


Please explain FACTOR support for songwriters attending SongStudio

First of all, you should know that SongStudio is NOT affiliated with FACTOR.  Please do not ask SongStudio staff for FACTOR grants.  Contact the staff at FACTOR to ask about their programs.

The Songwriter’s Workshop Support program, administered by FACTOR, is a fantastic program which provides financial assistance to professional songwriters.  The program was designed to assist with the cost of workshops such as SongStudio, plus related expenses.

Note that the program is only available to songwriters who primarily write for other artists to record, NOT intended for songwriters who only write for themselves as artists.  While this can be an unfortunate distinction for some of our participants, the goal of the program has always been to fill a gap in FACTOR’s offerings, which are primarily artist-based programs.  Recording artists already enjoy access to other funding programs, such as those supporting the costs of recording, touring, marketing, etc.

Without going into too much detail here, the program allows for a grant to cover workshop registration, travel and living expenses during the workshop.  Throughout the many years of SongStudio, a large number of our participants have received this grant.

We strongly suggest you contact the friendly staff at FACTOR through their website,, or by telephone at 416-696-2215 / 1-877-696-2215.

DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to apply for FACTOR funding; a delay in completing and processing your application will cost you money!

FACTOR has made substantial changes in 2013 to several of their programs including the Songwriter Workshop Program. Among these changes:

  • There are no longer application deadlines, as there were in past years.  Applications are examined by FACTOR as they are received, with a decision made on your application within four to six weeks of your application date.
  • While you must still file the appropriate Completion Report, after the workshop, detailing the costs you incurred to attend the workshop, a significant portion of this FACTOR grant is now paid IN ADVANCE of the workshop.  In cases where the actual costs do not agree with your budgeted costs, you may be required to return a portion of that advance.
  • A professional songwriter may receive a maximum of 5 grants for the lifetime of this program.
  • In order to apply, you must have prepared BOTH an Applicant Profile and an Artist Profile on the FACTOR website.  This process requires FACTOR to categorize your Artist Profile based on the stage you are at in your artist career.  Categorizing your profile takes about a 5 business day turnaround.  You MUST be categorized BEFORE you can apply for any FACTOR programs.

The following requirements are still applicable to the program:

  • If you are not yet a member of a Performing Rights Organization (e.g. SOCAN), you will need to join one before becoming eligible for FACTOR financial assistance.  Visit for more details.

As always, visit for current news and details on all FACTOR programs.