“This has been a !@#$ amazing week of music!”

(Alexander Hynes, Glasgow, Scotland)

“A life‐changing experience!”

(Rachael Kennedy, Oakville, Ontario)

“This event lived up to its billing big‐time.  The opportunities to co‐write for me were the highlight of the week and there were many high points.  Playing at Toronto venues like the Cadillac Lounge, C’est What? and the Rivoli was totally unexpected and was a ton of fun!  The camaraderie and support for performances by co‐participants helped create a true sense of family…”

(Smokin’ Joe Wiseman, Stephenville, Newfoundland & Labrador)

“The best one-week immersion in the art and craft of music that I’ve ever experienced!”

(Doug Ward, Mississauga, Ontario)

“Loads of talent, huge range of ages and degrees of accomplishment.  Throw into this mix a smattering of celebrity songwriter Q&A and major blurring of the lines between ‘faculty’ and ‘students’, and the week is truly a kickstart for creativity”

(Hartt Goldman, Fernie, British Columbia)

“The impact SongStudio has had on me as a developing artist is unrivaled by any other workshop I have attended thus far.  It is a challenging oasis that allows me to focus solely on songwriting all day, every day, for an entire week in the company of equally‐inspired individuals.  The interactions and in­‐depth workshops with world class mentors, such as Ron Hynes and Marc Jordan (to name a couple) enabled me, for the first time, to feel confident and rightful in calling myself a ‘songwriter’.”

(Meghan Morrison, Toronto, Ontario)