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How Do I Choose A Faculty Mentor Each Day?

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How Do I Choose A Faculty Mentor Each Day?

This post reflects the opinions of its author only, in an attempt to help you prepare for attending SongStudio.

For four straight days at SongStudio, you will be workshopping your songs with a member of our professional songwriting faculty.  That means visiting the same faculty member each day, or visiting four different mentors throughout the week.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you view it), our faculty offers more than four choices of mentor, so you won’t be workshopping with every mentor.

So, how do you choose the right mentor for workshopping  your songs?  The simple answer is this – we work very hard each year to ensure that there are no bad choices.  Every one of our faculty mentors has the skills and experience to help you take your songs and your songwriting to a new level.  The more complicated answer is this – spend some time before SongStudio, to do a bit of research on each of our mentors.  We staff our faculty from various genres and periods of music, and from different aspects of songwriting (writing for other artists, writing for radio, writing for film, producing, etc.).  When you arrive at SongStudio, ask our staff about the backgrounds of each mentor.  You might find that your music is a good fit for a particular member of our faculty.  You might also boldly bring your song to a faculty member who writes in a very different genre, and discover that he/she will still have excellent advice on what you can do next for the song.

If this post has been of no help to you in choosing a mentor, perhaps this last idea will – DON’T SWEAT IT.  I expect that, no matter which mentor you visit with your songs, you will find an enthusiastic, skillful and helpful mentor who will provide you with the tools and the inspiration to dive back into your song and make it shine like a new penny (remember those?).

Allister Bradley, Technical Director