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Write Better Songs

Write Better Songs

Act Now! Time is Running Out!

I know, there’s a flash sale just announced at your local music store, or your favourite online music retailer, and that money you’ve saved up could put a brand new guitar in your hands, or a new plugin for your computer, etc. – you know what I’m talking about. We all have it, to some degree – Gear Acquisition Syndrome – and we can too easily fall prey to the retailers who promise better quality music if we buy their products.

Or is it?

Blair Packham, SongStudio Program Director

Here’s another way to look at it: maybe the gear you have, or to which you have access, isn’t what’s keeping you from musical success (and you get to define success in your own terms) – maybe it’s the skills you’ve been developing as a songwriter that could use a further boost.

If songwriting were an easy thing to do, everyone would make fantastic, compelling, mind-bending songs. Search your music collection and look for those songs that would still take you to a deep, emotional place, even if they were played on a single instrument with a single singer. That is the kind of songwriting we all aspire to achieve. It’s all too easy to listen to new releases on YouTube, or Spotify, or being performed at an Open Mic night in your neighbourhood, and hear music that could use help to become compelling and mind-bending.

Writing a great song is like telling a joke – some people have mastered joke-telling, and others make a complete mess of the whole thing, and find themselves explaining the punchline. Here’s the best part: we’re not born with such ability. It can be learned.

Let Us Help You

What we do, at SongStudio, is all about developing your tools as a songwriter, about helping you develop the ability to tell your stories in the most effective way. We want your next song to be better than the last one – and by “better” we mean that it more effectively reaches your listeners and delivers your intention – and we want the song you write after that, to be even better.

A Bigger Toolbox

At SongStudio, we will help you understand what impact you can have by making any number of changes to your song, whether it’s in the melodies, the harmonies, the groove, the overall song structure, or of course the rhyming/patterns/language in your lyrics. Our mentors, on the one hand, are just like the rest of us – always learning – but unlike the rest of us, they’ve been paying their dues much longer, and are intimately familiar with ways to get the message across effectively. We want to give you a few new tools and inspire you to use them in your songwriting. We think that is worth more than a shiny new guitar.